About Second Amendment Armory

I founded Second Amendment Armory to help citizens of the United States of America exercise their Second Amendment right to keep and bear Arms! At Second Amendment Armory, we are committed to helping qualified, law abiding U.S. Citizens obtain firearms in a legal and timely fashion. If you are like me, firearms have always been a part of your life. My first firearm was a Daisy BB gun purchased for me by my father when we lived in Alaska. I think I was three years old at the time. As the story goes, I used this BB gun to bag my first big game, the Snowshoe Hare which I am holding in the picture. Since that time firearms have always been a part of my life from shooting sports at Boy Scout Summer Camp to taking my own children to the local range to teach them responsible firearm ownership, use, and safety.

Second Amendment Armory is a completely online business. We sell firearms through this Web site and GunBroker.com to licensed firearm dealers. If you are not a licensed dealer, you can still purchase from Second Amendment Armory. You just need to find a licensed dealer that will transfer the firearm for you. Please see the Ordering page for more information. All firearms ship to FFL or C&R addresses only.

Thank you for stopping by. Please let me know how we can help you exercise your Second Amendment Right.

Chris Melhorn
Second Amendment Armory